Artist Statement 

I have worked in a number of mediums throughout my career, including performance art, video and sound installation, experimental film, and painting. For the last several years I have focused exclusively on a photographic practice comprised of 35mm, and 120mm formats in a 2:3 ratio. The photos are shot on the fly, in a street photographic or reportage style; meaning handheld, no staging, and of-the-moment composition. 

This series is—at its core—an extension of New Topographics. Of primary concern is the relationship between color, light, form, and consciousness. In particular, the photographs were made with the intent of capturing the minds exertion of order on the built world, by focusing on the perceptual moment when the everyday qualia of our manmade landscape coalesce into perceived composition. These unintentional relationships are cataloged in this ongoing photographic series that has no intended photojournalistic content.

All images © 2019 Erik C. Nelson


MFA Bard College (2010)

BA University of California, Berkeley