Thornwillow is an American press located in the Hudson Valley, with a storefront at the St. Regis hotel NYC and DC. The company had been brick-and-mortar focused with a client demo of mostly wealthy 40+ year old men and women based on the east coast. I created a brand strategy that refocused the company to e-commence and targeted a younger demographic through social media and PR campaigns.


My VP responsibilities included omni-channel marketing strategy and implementation, including the development of a new e-commerce website with online customiaztion and accompanying campaigns for email, direct print marketing, PR, and social media. Content strategy creation and implementation across channels and social media influencer development. Product development to target a younger demographic, including price analysis and recalibration, sales planning and strategy. Sales, marketing, and design team development.


E-Commerce Website

With the design and development teams, I created a new e-commerce focused website. The site featured a new clean white and black look with greatly improved UX and a new online customization module. I also provided creative direction for new product photography and taxonomy as well as overall branding guidelines. I also implemented an increased email cadence and strategy that successfully engaged the existing customer-base.    



Social Media

Once the site and product line were ready, we needed to reach out to that younger audience, and the best method was a strategic increase in social media presence across Facebook, Twitter, and especially Instagram. The company did not has a social presence, I started the Instagram account from scratch and used my personal social media presence and influencers to build the account going from 0 to 1,500 followers fairly quickly. The Identity Cards were used as a PR tool to reach out the social influencers who promoted the product and the brand on their personal social media feed. 




To attracted a larger and younger target market I development a new, social media driven, product line to bring Thornwillow into the 21st century. Identity Cards are the calling card for the internet generation. Each order comes with 100 Identity Cards in 10 matchbox packs - throw one in your pocket or handbag and you have 10 cards personalized with your: name, phone, website, email or social handle, whichever combination expresses your unique identity.

Social Thorn.jpg


The identity Cards were featured on a number of blogs, most notably Gear Patrol. The ID cards were also named one of 2015 100 Must Haves by Departures Magazine and appeared in both the print and digital environments.